Thursday, May 5, 2011

Menu Plan Thursday

I know that it has been ages since I have posted, but life has been very busy lately. Hopefully, I can get back into the swing of things and post regularly :)
If you are like me, you normally buy groceries on Thursday, so my menu starts on Thursday and ends on Wednesday. What I try to do is look at the weekly ads and plan my menu from there. We also try to throw in as many veggies as possible, but Mr. G has not hit the whole vegetarian wagon yet, so I have to be careful when planning meals. We like to try new recipes a lot, so each week there are new and interesting recipes. Hopefully, I can post how well the dishes turned out, if I remember :)
Here is the menu for the Seese's for the week:
Thursday: Spicy Italian Subs
Friday: Chorizo and Black Bean Stuffed Cubanelles with fiesta rice
Saturday: BBQ Chicken with roasted sweet potatoes and corn casserole
Sunday: Mother's Day We are having both mothers over and the menu will be
Shallot Spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, and chocolate pie for dessert
Monday: Mr. G. is off so we will be heading to his mother's house for dinner
Tuesday: Mother/Daughter Banquet at church
Wednesday: Hot Dogs and Pasta Salad
Since I have Zumba on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Mr. G. is in charge of dinners. He is a great cook and I am thankful that he is willing to cook so very late for us.
It seems that life has gotten really busy for me lately. Besides working and being a wonderful wife there are so many other things on my plate. I am trying to study for my MAT's, so I can enter a graduate program at L-R (go Bears!) in the fall, and I have many different responsibilities at my church. Finding time for myself is kinda hard, and cooking is one "breath of air" that I find relaxing. It seems like all of the problems in the world are gone when I am in the kitchen. I start most meals from scratch and turn out (in my opinion) some of the most wonderful meals. I am very thankful that God has given me this talent and to me that is why I am so passionate about cooking. I guess you could say that it is my destresser.
When you have an overloaded plate in life, what are some ways you destress?


  1. I am the lucky MIL mentioned above. I look forward to Sunday's dinner. The food will be great and the company fun. I get to share the day with mother K.

    Isn't my son smart to have married an organized woman who is a terrific cook? He deserves her.

    The Monday night dinner doesn't compare. It is often quickly prepared but it always has delicious conversation. I promise myself to do better when I retire. I can come here to learn how.

    I de-stress by knitting. You can view my work on my blog, etsy or fb.

  2. thats my baby :) always keeping things organized and planned. I don't know how I lived before kristen was around lol Wow, BBQ chicken and shallot spaghetti back to back. Now I see why going to the gym is necessary. Love ya babe!