Friday, May 13, 2011

Menu Plan Friday

Yesterday was such a busy day that I never got around to menu planning, much less going to the grocery store. So with everyone else in town, I headed to the grocery store today.

This is what the menu looks like this week, not very inspiring:

Friday: Roasted Chicken Breasts, Mac/Cheese (I'm lazy today)
Saturday: Sugar Ray's Baby Back Ribs, Sauted Squash and Onions, Homemade Hashbrown Casserole
Sunday: Mom's for dinner
Monday: Grilled Steak, Risotto Primavera
Tuesday: Zumba night, so Mr. G is making soup
Wednesday: Barbeque Chicken, Grilled Squash, and Steamed Broccoli

Hopefully next week's menu will look more healthy and more appealing.

Since I am so uninspired today, please tell me, what is your favorite meals to make?

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