Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last day in my twenties

As I sit here having a small pity party for myself when I think that tomorrow I will be 30, I reflect upon my 20's. There were some lows such as breaking up with so-called boyfriends and creating distances between friends, but when I start to really think about it, there were way more highs in my 20's. I graduated college and then began college again in a new degree program that I am very excited about. I married the man of my dreams and we have the best relationship I could ever imagine. I have an awesome job that I am very thankful to have. I have an great family that is a wonderful support system. So why am I having this pity party for myself? I don't really know why. If you think about it, turning 30 is kinda like trying to get up an icy patch of road (nice analogy right?) You worry endlessly about turning 30 and getting older and just like being in the car you worry about getting stuck in a rut and running your wheels. But if you really think about turning 30, it is a new phase in your life. Hopefully in my 30's I can began a new career and have children. So once again if you give your car enough momentum and keep a steady pace on that icy road you will make it over that icy hill. And when you do, don't you just feel a sense of relief. So I can't wait until tomorrow when I turn 30. Who knows what the future holds, but you know what? I am ready for it!

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Christmas!

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