Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Creamed Corn

My birthday was a wonderful day filled with presents, great food, and most of all my family who love and support me. However, an interesting situation happened that day. As an annual tradition on my birthday, I always hit up the Barnes & Noble to pick out a planner for the next year. Well the day had been going great, and Mr. G had been looking for a place to park at B&N. So he finally finds a spot, amongst the other 5 million people doing last minute holiday shopping, when all of the sudden as he was pulling into the spot, a very scary looking woman and her "friend" took the spot. If he hadn't stop they would have hit us. C'mon now, B&N is not that important and I guess that manners have disappeared, but my momma raised me to be polite to everyone. Not because he was my husband, but Mr. G did have the right away, but apparently this lady had more dire interest in B&N than we did. The only thing, she didn't realize was that she had a personalize license plate. "Can of Corn" if you will. Mr. G wanted to cream her corn. He did however see her in B&N and being a true southern gentleman let it pass without coming to blows. This whole situation made me think about the holidays. Do we really need to hurry around while our life flies by? Certainly our ancestors did not hit up the mall on the eve of Christmas to get the last present. They were happy with what they made/baked for their families. Why can we not be happy with just each other? Isn't that what Christmas is supposed to be all about? The birth of Jesus and family?

On the flip side, Mr. G really enjoyed his Rock Band 2, and I as well have become totally addicted to it. I also got Dance Dance Universe which is strangely addictive as well. So maybe material things matter, but at least we are enjoying the material items as a family.

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